How To Apply Pasport To Kampung Inggris Kediri

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How To Apply Pasport To Kampung Inggris Kediri – Maybe one of the dreams that you want to fulfill soon is traveling or courses abroad. Previously, you had to have a passport as a mandatory document in order to travel abroad.For some countries, you also need to apply for a visa in order to enter the country.

So, those of you who do have plans to go abroad must know how to apply for a visa. It is also mandatory to apply for a visa before buying a plane ticket. The embassy of the country you are going to will also consider the purpose and duration of your stay in the destination country.

How to get an Indonesian visa Visit Kampung Inggris Kediri

for a study permit :

  1. Receive a formal letter of admission and pay any enrollment fees.
  2. Your institution will begin an application on your behalf using the Ministry of Education and Culture online portal.
  3. Your university will need several pieces of supporting documentation to complete the application. You’ll find a full list of what paperwork is required in the next section.
  4. The turnaround time on applications is between one and two weeks. The Ministry of Education and Culture will forward your approved study permit and a visa authorization to the Immigration Department in your home country so you can begin the visa application process.

apply for an entrance visa (VITAS)  :

  1. Make a visa application appointment. You can find a list of Indonesian foreign missions here.
  2. You’ll need to take several documents to your appointment. A breakdown of what’s required is included in the next section.
  3. As well as submitting your documents, you’ll be asked some simple questions.
  4. Your application won’t be processed until you’ve paid. It’s worth checking the accepted payment methods because these can vary between consulates.
  5. Once your visa has been approved, you should return to the consulate to collect your passport and documents

How to apply for a residence permit (KITAS):

  1. It’s vital that you do this within 30 days of arriving in Indonesia. You’ll need to complete some paperwork and pay a fee.
  2. It takes about 10 days after submission to convert your VITAS into a KITAS.
  3. Once your KITAS has been issued, you must get a police report letter (STM) from your local police department and take it to your municipality’s population office. You’ll be provided with a certificate of registration for temporary residence (SKPPS) in return

Required documents:

  1. Formal admissions letter from your institution
  2. Completed online application form (accessed through the online portal)
  3. Three copies of your passport
  4. Two passport-sized photos of yourself
  5. Your resume/C.V.
  6. A recently-issued health certificate
  7. A letter of financial guarantee to prove you have the financial resources to cover your expenses while in Indonesia

Requirements for Extending a Visit Visa in the Kampung Inggris Kediri

  1. KTP original + copy
  2. Letter of guarantee from the institution (kop + stempel lembaga + materiai)
  3. Letter of application from the institution (kop + stempel )
  4. Passport WNA
  5. RP 2.000.000 in cash


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